Central Asia Energy Links
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For the USAID/CAR Energy Links project, ECODIT is working to help increase intra- and inter-regional energy trade, improve legal and regulatory frameworks and investment climate, improve corporate governance, operations, and commercialization of energy companies, and increase energy efficiency across countries in Central Asia, in order to move countries in the region toward an integrated, competitive regional energy market.  Regional activities are targeted toward the full Central Asian Region, plus Afghanistan and Pakistan, whereas bilateral activities are targeted at the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.One of the project’s key components is providing a fully-staffed, high-performing CASA-1000 Secretariat, facilitating the drafting and execution of necessary documents for the planning, construction, and implementation of a new CASA-1000 electricity transmission system. When complete, the CASA-1000 transmission lines will move electricity at high voltages from the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Additionally, the ECODIT team is evaluating the reliability of the Central Asia United Power System, identifying and quantifying additional economical sources of power for CASA-1000, and promoting planning for and initial contracting of electricity sales from these sources.The ECODIT team is also supporting the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan to implement broad energy sector reform to attract private investments to finance new infrastructure, including the Kyrgyz Republic’s Action Plan and Tajikistan’s Government Decree 431 for the restructuring of Tajikistan’s power company, Barki Tojik (BT). In the Kyrgyz Republic, the Energy Links Project is providing technical assistance to support development and passage of a new Electricity Law, institutionalization and capacity development of the energy sector Regulator, and establishment of an Independent Settlement Center.  The project team is working with the State Property Management Fund, the major shareholder in the country’s joint-stock generation, transmission, and distribution companies, to better provide effective oversight of companies’ operations and financial performance. In Tajikistan, the ECODIT team is providing trainings to BT employees on a variety of topics in order to modernize the management, operations, and commercial orientation of the company. The team is also working to support an enabling environment for implementation of the BT Restructuring Plan, and for the private sector to subsequently benefit from BT’s unbundling and privatization, by conducting a regulatory assessment for reform, providing technical assistance to government bodies tasked with implementing the Restructuring plan, and fostering buy-in for reform.