Vietnam Green Annamites Activity
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In Vietnam, for the USAID Green Annamites Activity, ECODIT is developing alternative livelihoods for vulnerable populations, especially rural ethnic minorities living in extreme poverty, who no longer have access to forests that traditionally provided livelihood support. To ensure sustainability, the project is developing Public-Private-Community partnerships and mobilizing funding (e.g., impact investment, national private sector and capital markets, payment for ecosystem services) to support profitable business opportunities, paying particular attention to the needs of women who lack land-use right certificates and therefore equal access to credit. The Project holds frequent consultation workshops with stakeholders, and partners with and provides training and technical assistance to local governments and communities to improve land and resource use planning and management. Training and skills development include advanced techniques like geospatial analysis and data visualization that are currently absent but critical for developing and monitoring land use plans. In partnership with village cooperatives, Women’s Unions and other community stakeholders, VNGA is building social infrastructure to guarantee equitable revenue distribution among men and women. An Activity Fund developed and managed by ECODIT allows the project to engage local experts to participate in activity design and implementation and helps build local capacity to ensure project sustainability.