Vietnam Green Annamites Activity
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In Vietnam, for the USAID Green Annamites Activity, ECODIT  worked with provincial governments, communities, and the private sector in Vietnam to reduce emissions and deforestation; conserve biodiversity; boost incomes for local forest-dependent communities; and mobilize investment from the private sector for environmental initiatives. Activities included building the capacity of institutions and provincial governments to protect forests, reduce climate change, and manage biodiversity; supporting forest-dependent communities to engage in sustainable alternative livelihoods; establishing carbon markets; and facilitating partnerships with the private sector. The Project met or exceeded all of its targets, laying the groundwork for Vietnamese governments, communities, and businesses to continue working together to protect Vietnam’s natural resources. Accomplishments include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 11.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent,  boosting incomes for more than 15,000 people, and mobilizing more than $59 million in private sector funding for the environment.